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Hello! Welcome to my about page!!

My name's Chase aka Hootie! I'm a high school graduate & full time NEET *flutters eyes* . Hopefully will one day go to uni but I'm in no rush.

I like to consider myself a laidback & silly guy. A go-with-the-flow guy. I don't really like describing myself with a mbti type or personality labels in general, I dont like being fit into boxes. I get energy from being around others but also I enjoy keeping to myself most days and occupying myself with tasks/hobbies.

I like to consider myself a jack of all trades when it comes to hobbies, I'm an artist, editor, scanlator, and now web coder(kinda. even tho i still kinda suck at it lol) thinking of expanding further and try out creative writing one day!

I have autism and AOEX has been my unapologetic special interest ever since late 2015/early 2016. No other hyperfixation comes close to my passion and devotion towards the series! I can and will talk about it non stop. I love Rin with all my heart, but I also love Yukio and Shiemi too!

..sorry about being wordy! I'm done now haha ^_^"


this is where i would put them.. if i had any.............. also yes this page a wip i gotta put more stamps and blinkies but i gotta admit this is funny as hell rn
just like me fr
likes: dislikes:
animanga crowds
art celebrities
scanlation rich ppl
puzzle games mobile UI
food christmas
piracy subscription services
paranormal & demons eye straining colors

favourite anime:
Mob Psycho 100, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster & Death Note
favourite manga:
Blue Exorcist, Chainsaw Man, Noragami, Trigun & Our Dreams at Dusk
favourite animals:
owls, cats, seals & penguins
favourite music:
rock, alt, rap, r&b, pop
favourite artists:
Tyler the Creator, Fall Out Boy, Mili, Utsu-P, INABAKUMORI, Destroy Boys, Bôa, The Cranberries & Hello Yello
favourite games: Tetris, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Honkai Star Rail & Genshin Impact
other favourites: Vocaloid, All Saints Street, cycling, cute stuff, blue aesthetics & nature

favourite characters